Optometric vision therapy corrects visual problems and teach visual skills that lasts a lifetime.  It help develop, improve and enhance people's visual performance. Through Vision Therapy patients may overcome convergence insufficiency, amblyopia, diplopia, ocular motor dysfunction, and poor depth perception. Developing visual skills includes learning to use both eyes together effectively.


  • I want to let you know that everything has gone well with my strabismus surgery. My optometrist was amazed at how much better my vision was.

    Glenn Miya, M.D.

  • You're never too old to change. I grew up with what lay people called a "lazy eye" and professionals diagnosed as Strabismus.

    Sue Egan

  • On January 24, 2001, our 9-month-old son, Tyler, had surgery to correct strong bilateral strabismus. Dr. Jotterand performed the surgery with excellent results.

    John and Krista Dyke


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